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Press release October 2017

‘SideLabel ‘a clever idea’

Together with chef Ingmar Ipema, from restaurant ‘The Harbour Club, located in the Apollo Hotel Vinkeveen, we developed a new HACCP label ‘The SideLabel’ for Info Food Labels. The SideLabel is specially made for encoding on bins, for storage in Au bain-marie and cooling with draws. This food label is provided with a glue suitable for food, tuned to warm and cold temperatures and are as all our products easily washable.

Ingmar considered it important that the products in Au Bain-Marie and cool workbench should also be recognizable for his brigade. He worked with different sizes of labels, but those were often too small and did not provide enough writing right fore date, product name and description. Or they were much too big, so they didn’t sit well. By Ingmar’s feedback and the development by Paul Duijnstee of, the ‘ SideLabel ‘ meets all his wishes. We are pleased that we have been able to achieve a nice and effective product for colleagues, says Paul Duijnstee.



Press release: Gastronomie November 2014

Food intolerance and allergy from now completely at the hospitality industry entrepreneur. Don’t worry: Info Food Labels comes with the innovative coding system HACCP to the pertfect solution… Download (pdf)

Publication: Gastronomie March 2015 is already a hefty time excited working on the professional cilinary world to get acquainted with a very efficient and enhance their performances HACCP coding system… Download (pdf)

Publication: Gastronomie October 2014

Revolutionary online HACCP coding system of Info Food Labels. will bring calm in the kitchen….  Download (pdf)

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“By writing to printing” save time and money with the innovative HACCP online coding system…. Download (pdf)



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In practice developed HACCP coding system with open arms. Fame Info Food Labels is growing…. Download (pdf)



Advertorial: Chinees & NL

How to use…. Download (pdf)


Publication: Horeca Vizier December 2011 NL

The best HACCP coding system was devbeloped by chefs themselves, simple, afficient and Hygienic…. Download (pdf)


Publication: Horeca Vizier December 2011 EN

The best HACCP coding system has been developed by Chefs simple, efficient and hygienic…. Download (pdf)

Press release: February 2012 NL

The best manual HACCP coding system has been developed by Chefs simple, efficient and hygienic…. Download (pdf)

Press release: May 2014 EN 

Info Food Labels is the first to introduce a new and revolutionary HACCP coding system for automated printing of buffet & banqueting and production labels…. Download (pdf)

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The best HACCP coding system has been developed by chefs simple, efficient and hygienic. 

Paul Duijnstee is a professional chef and has run numerous restaurants for over 30 years. As many other members of the white brigade, Paul had to deal with the inefficiency of the coding systems. “I simply thought that certain things could be improved. This resulted in the pictogram system in 2005 which I developed supported by the knowledge and experience of other chefs and kitchen experts,” said Paul Duijnstee.

Revolutionary – Product – Improvement

The new Pictogram Labels4all as well as The Week-Day Labels are improved with a new and better adhesive layer, based on water components so the labels will bee easier to remove, and leave less glue behind on your disposables and / or storage- containers.

The first decision was to focus on hotel and restaurant schools. This resulted in the successfully acceptance of the “Info Food Labels” as teaching material for all important educational programmes in the Netherlands and Belgium. Many hotel and catering companies have now come to be aware of the product. “I am glad that various well-known hotel chains, institutions with large kitchens, food-processing companies and laboratories now use this coding system to their satisfaction. The increase in volume also result in a more competitive pricing. We also provide kitchen presentations and workshops and use their valuable feedback for improvements. This approach ensures that we can improve the system based on input from the market.”

The product

Competitive labels based coding systems leave unwanted adhesive and paper residue behind on the containers. “Info Food Labels” products do not do this. The adhesive will dissolve completely during the post-rinsing programme of your dish washer (at 80º C). This results in a significantly reduction of the cross contamination risk. All other available systems have significant problems with reverse condensation resulting in written text becoming illegible. “Info Food Labels” products do not have this problem: When taking a container out of the freezer or the refrigerator, you can still read the written text and even add additional text.


Most other coding systems use too many unnecessary products resulting in complicated, timeconsuming and expensive procedures for their use. “Our system consists only of two types of labels that can be used in combination or separately. This ensures that fewer errors are made. We have, for example, the “Pictogram Labels4all”, suitable for all products for the fridge, freezer, dry store, etc., and the “Week/Day FIFO-Safety Label system”. You will find the “How to Use” on our website in 16 languages.