Long awaited cloud system launched!

OnlinePrint HACCP coding labels

In recent months, several pilot participants have thoroughly tested the long-anticipated HACCP coding system OnlinePrint. All participants, Van der Valk Hotel Middelburg, De Waag in Leiden, The Leonardo Royal Hotel Amsterdam, Zorgwaard Brabant and Hygienecodeonline are enthusiastic about the new web-based HACCP coding system.

“The problem of manual coding has been solved, now there is the ability to create your HACCP food labels online, safely in the cloud,” says OnlinePrint creator Paul Duijnstee.

The market is ready for this revolution

As a reminder: in 2005 Paul along with fellow chefs and teachers created Info Food Labels, an HACCP system that was different and unique. Special about this coding system was that it worked with icons instead of text. Testing has been going on since April 2019, the new Info Food Labels system works in the cloud. With OnlinePrint you can create your label with a few easy clicks, and everyone is 100% positive about the system. During the pilot we received a few requests. For example, being able to link recipes, or enter special details about a patient. In Belgium, it is important that the supplier’s name and ID number are stated for the traceability of bacteriological infections. No problem, everything is possible with this web-based system.

High demand

Cooperation with Brother International Netherlands has resulted in the Brother TD-4550 label printer, which has already been tested to satisfaction among all pilot participants. Because Brother International has developed a special Windows printer driver, it is possible to simplify installation and integration within current kitchens. In addition to the Dutch language, the print driver will also support other languages in order for it to be used worldwide in this new way of online coding. Great news and we are on the right track to make HACCP coding 2.0 a success in kitchens all over the world. “We will launch our new HACCP coding solution in mid-October.”

Top quality

The labels themselves are of superior quality. The glue dissolves completely at 70° Celsius making it easy to remove the label after the dishwashing process and leaving no unwanted glue and paper residue behind on the containers. This results in a significant reduction of the cross-contamination risk.